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About Silvicultural Contractors

A silvicultural contractor provides the labor and equipment to perform forest management tasks such as site preparation, tree planting, vegetation control, pre-commercial thinning, slash disposal, etc. Some companies provide both forestry consulting and silvicultural contracting services. A forestry consultant may arrange the services of a silvicultural contractor on behalf of a landowner, or a landowner may hire a contractor directly. As with consultants, landowners should do some research to find the right forester to meet their needs. This may include talking to multiple contractors, asking about credentials, checking references, and asking whether the contractor is bonded and/or carries liability insurance.

For certain reforestation and thinning activities, a contractor may be required to have a Farm Labor Contractor (FLC) License. A landowner who knowingly hires an unlicensed FLC may be liable for unpaid wages, damages, workers’ compensation premiums, etc. The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) maintains a list of licensed FLCs that is updated monthly.

List of licensed Farm Labor Contractors:

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