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This course includes two modules:

1. Forests and Water Resources in Western Washington
This module provides an overview of how forests relate to important water resources in Western Washington. Topics include the water cycle and watersheds, the role of forests in stormwater management, riparian forest functions and regulations, wetland functions and regulations, best practices for protecting and enhancing water resources.
Instructor: Kevin W. Zobrist, Washington State University Extension
Length: 32:37
2. Forest Inventory
This module covers the basic steps for doing a forest inventory, which is the counting and measuring of trees and other resources of interest in your forest. This quantitative information about your forest will help you determine what you have and identify needs and opportunities as part of the stewardship planning process.
Instructor: Kevin W. Zobrist, Washington State University Extension
Length: 33:45
3. Managing Woodlands for Aesthetics and Enjoyment
This module explores six key principles for enhancing the way you experience your forest, such as creating better physical and visual access and using garden design principles to manage the unique spaces in your forest.
Instructor: Jeff deGraan, Cascade Woodland Design
Length: 18:58
4. Introduction to Forest Soils
This course provides an introduction to forest soils, including how they form, how they are described and classified, and the different properties that affect tree growth and forest management.
Instructor: David Peterson, US Forest Service
Length: 38:02
5. Forest Soils and Management Planning
This module provides a tutorial on how to get soils information for your forest property, including what specific information you should include in a forest stewardship plan and step-by-step instructions for getting that information online using the USDA NRCS Web Soil Survey.
Instructor: Kevin W. Zobrist, Washington State University Extension
Length: 16:26
6. Forest Roads and Water Quality
Learn basic best practices for building, repairing, and maintaining roads on your forested property, whether for harvesting or general access. This module will help you plan your road project so that it minimizes costs, protects soils and streams, and complies with applicable laws.
Instructor: Erik Sjoquist, Washington State University Extension
Length: 28:22
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