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Loggers Workshop

Loggers play a vital role in the health and well-being of forests and timber communities and require special knowledge and skills to provide and protect wood, wildlife, water, and recreational opportunities. The annual Loggers Workshop provides an educational opportunity to interact with other forestry professionals and industry leaders to discuss topics of emerging significance, so that forests continue to be a source of goods and benefits to the owner and to society.

The Northeast Loggers Workshop can be taken for 8 WCLA continued education credits.

Lunch will be provided with registration. Refreshments will be available.

Topics Include:

  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative update
  • Wood and forestry economy
  • Washington forest health update
  • “Agribility”, workplace well-being and safety, and suicide prevention
  • Forest practices basics and updates
  • Working around High Voltage Powerlines – An Avista Demonstration
  • Burn permits, silvicultural burning regulations, and WADNR burn portal
  • Harvest layouts and logging using tablets
  • Combining healthy wildlife habitat, fuels reduction, and timber management

The power line presentation will be presented at the AVISTA power facility in Colville. Participants will be asked to take their own vehicle to the facility and return to the Ag & Trade Center afterwards. Map will be provided at the workshop.

When: April 4th, 8:00am – 4:00pm

Cost: $30

Location: Northeast Fairgrounds, 317 West Astor Ave., Colville WA, 99114