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Webinar Recordings

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Forest Farming Specialty Mushroom Systems (4/14/2020)

Forest farming specialty mushrooms like shiitake, lions mane, oysters, and wine caps present a unique opportunity for farm and forest owners to diversify production and put something new on the dinner table.   Today, much of the specialty mushroom market is supplied by wild-foraged products but log-grown operations can provide reliable harvests on minimal acreage while retaining it’s value as a sustainable, forest-grown product.  Whether your interest is as a producer or a hobbyist, this webinar will cover the basics of log-grown mushroom operations.

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Western Washington Wildfires:  A Different Animal (6/30/2020)

There is no shortage of news coverage, research, publications, and educational programming available to address the issue of wildfires in the dry forests of eastern Washington and the rest of the interior Pacific Northwest. These areas have been hit hard by wildfires due to decades of fire suppression and require a massive forest restoration effort to reduce fuel loads. But what about fires in the wet forests of western Washington? How do wildfire behavior and forest fire ecology differ in this region? How does a changing climate impact the risk of catastrophic fires and what does this mean for how we manage forests and protect homes here?

Watch this webinar on Youtube!

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