2020 Washington Forest Owners’ Online Field Day

Online — October 24th

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Keep your forested property healthy and productive

Forests in Washington State are facing unprecedented challenges and increasing tree mortality. WSU Extension is presenting the 2020 Washington Forest Owners’ Online Field Day to help you meet those challenges, restore healthy forest conditions, and achieve your goals for your property. The Online Field Day will feature over a dozen different outdoor workshops specifically for people with forested property in Washington State.

Feeling cooped up inside this fall? Come learn about current forest health issues, drought and climate impacts, fire risk reduction, mushrooms, wildlife, and much more in a virtual out-in-the-woods setting with local experts. See the complete list of workshop topics below for more details.

In an effort to keep the “field” in the Field Day, the team will be bringing the field to you this year. Instead of having forest owners watch multiple PowerPoint presentations, we will be recording our expert speakers in the field, allowing them to provide real-life demonstrations and access to range of sites that would not be possible even during the typical in-person event. These videos will be streamed via Zoom with the speakers available to discuss and answer questions.

When and Where


The Online Field Day will be held 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Saturday October 24th, 2020.


Online, using Zoom.

If you do not have one already, you will need to sign up for a free Zoom account in order to participate in the course. You should also install the Zoom client by going to the Zoom download page. The top item, Zoom Client for Meetings, is what you will want if you are using a computer. Scroll down the page to see app options for phones and tablets. You should set up your Zoom account well before the Online Field Day itself. If you already have Zoom installed, make sure it is updated to the most current version.

What to Expect

The Online Field Day will consist of four 50-minute sessions, during each of which you can pick from a variety of topics. Most sessions will be a mixture of pre-recorded instructional video from our experts in the field, along with live Q&A from those same experts and WSU Extension Forestry staff. Questions will be answered in real time using the Zoom chat box, with an extended Q&A period after every video session.

There will be an hour-long break for lunch from 12:00PM to 1:00PM.

A final schedule, with Zoom links for each workshop, will be sent out the night before the Online Field Day to give you time to plan which sessions you will attend.

Other Logistics

No need to bring a rain coat this time, but you can wear one in your living room if you like!

Workshops Offered

There may be some changes to the schedule before the field day, and a final schedule will be sent out the day before the Online Field Day. These are some of the different workshops that will be offered throughout the day:

  1. Forest Health in Eastern Washington Learn about current issues, mortality trends, and what to do.
  2. Forest Health in Western Washington Learn about current issues, mortality trends, and what to do.
  3. Forest Measurements – Practice simple techniques to measure your tree density and see how big those trees really are!
  4. Forest Soils Learn the unique soil types of our region, and what they mean for your trees.
  5. Growing Shiitake Mushrooms on Logs See how to grow these gourmet mushrooms on logs on your property.
  6. Invasive Forest Species in Eastern Washington – Learn how to identify and control aggressive, non-native plants that damage the local ecosystem.
  7. Invasive Forest Species in Western Washington – Learn how to identify and control aggressive, non-native plants that damage the local ecosystem.
  8. Landowner Assistance There are programs, agencies, and monies waiting to help you manage your forest. Come learn how we can help.
  9. Special Forest Products Find out about the plethora of non-timber forest products that you can grow for personal use or commercial sale.
  10. Thinning, Pruning, and Ecosystem Health Learn how to choose the right trees to thin out to restore the health of your forest.
  11. Traditional and Native Cultural Land Use – Learn about historical Native American land use, and how the tribes of Washington shaped its ecology.
  12. Tree Planting and Site Preparation Plant trees for the next generation! Learn how to do it right so they survive and thrive.
  13. Variable Density Thinning – Take a deeper dive into this thinning method that can increase diversity, health, and resiliency across your forest.
  14. Wildfire Risk Reduction in Eastern Washington Wildfire risk is high in Eastern Washington, and getting higher – learn to protect your trees and your home.
  15. Wildfire Risk Reduction in Western Washington Wildfire risk is high in Western Washington too. Learn what you can do to protect your home and property.
  16. Wildlife Species and Habitat Learn about the wildlife that call Washington State home, and simple, effective strategies to improve habitat for on your property.

Cost and Registration

Cost — Free!

We know this is a difficult time financially for many people. Because of this, we have pulled together some additional funding to allow us to offer the Online Field Day for free.

This is a family-friendly event! Youth are encouraged to participate, so tune in with your next generation of forest stewards.


Register online

Online registration will be open until 5:00 PM, Friday, October 23rd, 2020.

Registration is closed.

Acknowledgements and Accommodations

This program is made possible in part by funding support from Washington State University, the Snohomish Conservation District, the Society of American Foresters, Island County, WSU Extension Island County, and San Juan County. In-kind support provided by the Washington Department of Natural Resources and others.