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Classes and Events

Classes and Events

We offer a variety of workshops, field days, and classroom sessions covering all things related to small forest management.  Stay tuned for programs in your area by checking the website, following us on Facebook, or signing up for our emails.  You can also contact us directly for questions about current classes and to make suggestions for future programs.

Forest Health Seminars

Is your forest healthy?  What does that mean?  Are dead trees okay? This seminar will cover common insects, diseases, and other agents that can impact your forest and help you determine when it’s something to worry about.

Morton – November 5 (6-8PM)

Stevenson – November 14 (6-8PM)

Forest Stewardship Coached Planning

Forest Stewardship Coached Planning is the flagship course for small landowners and is put on in partnership by WSU Forestry Extension and the WDNR.  Topics covered include silviculture, ecology, harvesting, thinning, wildilfe, special forest products mapping, soils, and much more.  Through this series of classes, landowners are “coached” through the process of writing a forest management plan for their property based on their own management objectives.  Your management plan is a key to accessing resources for small forest landowners in this area, such as reduced property taxes, cost-share assistance programs, and becoming a certified stewardship forest.

Kelso – Wednesdays starting October 16

Online – Tuesdays starting January 28

Shelton – Spring 2020

Morton – Fall 2020

Forestry Winter School

We may not be spending as much time outdoors in the winter but it’s a prime opportunity for learning, planning, and preparing for the year.  The winter school offers several courses (indoors) on a variety of topics, allowing you to choose your curriculum for the day based on what is most relevant to your goals.

January 11 (pending) – Details coming!

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