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WSU Puget Sound Extension Forestry

A Forest stream

WSU Extension Forestry

Puget Sound Region

Serving Island, King, San Juan, Skagit, and Snohomish Counties

What we offer

About us

We are locally-based Washington State University faculty and staff dedicated to providing objective, research-based education and resources for owners of forested and wooded property in a five-county region in the Puget Sound Area, from the Cascade foothills to Vashon, Camano, Whidbey, and the San Juan Islands. WSU Extension Forestry has additional forestry programs that serve other parts of the state.

We offer a variety of forestry classes, publications, and online resources that are designed for people with just a few acres of wooded property as well those with larger forested properties and tree farms. Whether you are interested in a healthy forest, wildlife, timber production, the beauty and aesthetics of a natural area, or some combination thereof, we have research-based answers to help you get the most out of your property.

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Funding Support

The WSU Puget Sound Extension Forestry Program is made possible in part by Washington State University, Island County, King County, King Conservation District, San Juan County, San Juan Islands Conservation District, Skagit County, and Snohomish Conservation District.