Preston Forest Stewardship Coached Planning – 2023

A forestry course for property owners

Your Land. Your Trees. Your Goals.

Natural beauty, wildlife, ecosystem health, harvest income, family ties, privacy, and peace and quiet are some of the many reasons people value their forestland. Whatever your values are, this comprehensive university-based forestry course will help you get the most out of the land you love. Whether you have just a few wooded acres or a larger forest tract, if you have trees on your property, this course is for you.

Topics covered include:

  • How do you know if your trees are healthy? What should you do if they aren’t?
  • Are characteristics of your property attracting or repelling the wildlife you enjoy? What can you do if wildlife cause damage?
  • Are there certain trees you should always keep or remove? How do you cut trees without damaging your land?
  • What types of trees do you have? Does your forest look like a “mess”?
  • How do you know if your trees need to be thinned, and how do you go about it?
  • How do you identify and mitigate fire risks?
  • Are invasive and noxious weeds taking over your underbrush? What are the risks and what can you do about it?
  • What kind of soil do you have and how does that affect what grows?
  • What is the risk of wildfire on your property?

Save money, too!

As part of this class we will “coach” you in the writing of your own simple forestry plan that may help qualifying landowners enroll in reduced property tax or conservation cost-share grant programs.

When and Where

Dates and Times

Tuesday Evenings, September 5th – October 31st, 2023; 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Saturday field trip October 21st.


Tuesday evening sessions will be held at the Preston Community Center, 8625 310th Avenue Southeast, Preston, WA 98027. Preston Community Center map and parking info (PDF).

Cost and Registration

What’s Included:

  • Nine evening class sessions taught by state and local experts
  • A Saturday field trip
  • A digital library of reference materials and how-to guides
  • A copy of the book Native Trees of Western Washington
  • A consultation site visit to your property from a state or county service forester


The registration fee is $175.

Registration covers up to two adults from the same household/ownership. If registering as a couple, only do one registration for the both of you–do not do two separate registrations. Youth under 18 are welcome and may attend at no additional cost.

Space is limited and is first-come, first-served. This class almost always sells out. Cancellations must be received before August 18, 2023 to be eligible for a refund and may be subject to a $10 processing fee.


This course is now sold out! Please contact us to be put on a waiting list.

Acknowledgements and Accommodations

This program is an educational partnership between Washington State University Extension Forestry, the Washington Department of Natural Resources, and the King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks. This Program is made possible in part by funding from King County.

Extension programs and employment are available to all without discrimination. Evidence of noncompliance may be reported through your local Extension office. Reasonable accommodations will be made for persons with disabilities and special needs who contact Kevin Zobrist at 425-231-4524 or at least three weeks prior to the event.

Class Handouts

Visit the Preston Coached Planning Handouts page to download copies of class handouts and presentation slides. A passcode will be provided by email to access this page.

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