Edensaw Woods

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General Description

Edensaw is a supplier of specialty lumber and plywood, tools and other products. We also have full milling capabilities, a CNC department and a kiln for drying wood.


  • Mobile services: No
  • Mill Capacity: Straight line rip: max height 4.5 inches, 2 edge max width 21 inches. Sanding: max width 50 inches, max height 6 inches, min height 5/32 inches. Single head planing: max width 50 inches, max height 7.5 inches, min height 0.5 inches. Double head planing: max width 25 inches, max height 8 inches, min height 5/16 inches.
  • Other Services provided: Kiln drying, CNC services
  • Billing Options: By the hour, by volume, and on a case-by-case basis

Counties Served

  • Jefferson