Treefolk: Adam Phipps

Contact Information

  • 23501 NE HWY 3
  • Belfair, WA, 98528
  • Phone: 360-229-1663

General Description

Treefolk is a full service mill. We offer cutting, sanding, finishes and custom wood crafting. We cut with two different styles of mills, a chainsaw mill and a bandsaw mill.


  • Mobile services: Yes
  • Mill Capacity: Our chainsaw mill is great for on-site, hard to get to and large logs up to 42 inches. We know how difficult it is to move logs, so we come to you! Our bandsaw mill cuts very nicely for smaller logs up to 18 inches, however, it is not portable. We charge more for the bandsaw mill because its cutting time is nearly half that of the chainsaw mill.
  • Other Services provided: We offer felling, hauling, kilning and custom built furniture.
  • Specialized products: We do it all!
  • Billing Options: $120 by the hour, or on a case-by-case basis

Counties Served

  • Mason