Recordings from the October 22, 2022 Western WA Online Field Day

Field Day Sessions

Chainsaw safety and maintenance

Instructor: J.D. Fernstrom, Stihl
Chainsaw session recording

Emerging diseases in western Washington

Instructor: Joey Hulbert, Washington State University
Emerging diseases recording

Forest health in western Washington

Instructor: Glenn Kohler, Washington Department of Natural Resources
Forest health session recording

Forest Measurements

Instructor: Kevin Zobrist, Washington State University
Measurements session recording

Forest Soils

Instructor: Dave Peterson, University of Washington
Soils session recording

Garry oak restoration

Instructors: Kai Hoffman-Krull, San Juan Islands Conservation District, and Doug McCutchen, San Juan Islands Land Bank
Garry oak restoration session recording

Invasive forest weeds in western Washington

Instructor: Skye Pelliccia, King County Noxious Weed Control Program
Invasive weeds session recording

Non-timber forest products

Instructor: Patrick Shults, Washington State University
Non-timber products session recording

Thinning and pruning

Instructor: Kevin Zobrist, Washington State University
Thinning and pruning session recording

Variable density thinning

Instructor: Matt Provencher, Washington Department of Natural Resources
Variable density thinning session recording

Wildfire risk reduction in western Washington

Instructors: Jenny Coe and Jason McMillen, Washington Department of Natural Resources, and Nick Kunz, Skagit Conservation District
Fire session recording

Wildlife species and habitats

Instructors: Ken Bevis and Brent Haverkamp, Washington Department of Natural Resources
Wildlife session recording


This program was made possible in part by funding support from Washington State University, Washington State Department of Natural Resources, Island County, King Conservation District, King County, Lewis County, Pacific County, Pierce County, San Juan County, Skagit County, Stevens County, Snohomish Conservation District, Snohomish County Surface Water Management, USDA Forest Service, and the Renewable Resources Extension Act.