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Counties: Pend Oreille

Manley Portable Milling: Erik McVay

Portable milling, remote milling.

Robert Weatherbee

I am sometimes available for lumber milling, and that depends on where the mill is at the time.: Seatac or Wauconda.  

Smiley Lumber: Brian Smiley

We make wood flooring and other tongue and groove products from local timber (e.g. fir, larch, birch). Circle mill, bandmill, resaw, drying kilns, planer, moulders,…

Heritage Lumber: Matt Hobbs

700+ acre certified family forest. We sustainably harvest and mill Douglas-fir, grand fir, LP pine, Ponderosa pine, white pine, cedar, hemlock, and birch. Produce rough…

Red Alder Ranch: Mark Whitaker

Portable milling services and sales of small pieces of specialty wood.