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Forestry Services: Timber sale management/marketing

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Copper Mountain Forestry

Full service forestry contractor offering ecologically informed silviculture and timber management. Serving all of Northern Washington.

American Forest Management, Inc – Eastside Office

Full service forest management for large and small forest owners. Services include land and timber appraisal, timber cruising, harvest administration and silvicultural services administration.

3Tree Resource Management

3Tree Resource Management provides a wide range of land management services for rural farm and forest landowners in Northeast Washington.

Treelines Forestry LLC

Timber appraisals, forest practices permits, harvest unit layout, timber cruising, tree planting, timber harvest management, tree farm management, arboricultural services, water type modifications, herbicide management,…

Pipeline Forestry

Pipeline serves the small landowners of the northwest, helping to achieve any need they have from their forests. Forest management plans, forest practices documents and…

Chickadee Forestry LLC

Founded by Malloree Weinheimer, who holds a BSci in Natural Resource Mgmt from the University of Washington with 10 years experience in forest ecology research…

Chilton Forest Management

Chilton Forest Management is an all-inclusive consulting firm that provides an expansive range of forest management services throughout Oregon and Washington. We contract with various…

Resilient Forestry LLC

Resilient Forestry LLC specializes in forestry projects that balance economic requirements with ecological and public use objectives. Resilient was formed in 2018 and focuses on…

Hadaller Logging Inc

Full-Service logging and forestry under one roof. Full time forester on staff to see your project through from planning to reforestation. Our logging company has…

B&L Timber Consulting

Technical assistance in all phases of forest management. Specializing in timber harvest management assuring highest net value, with site prep and reforestation.
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