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Counties: San Juan

Andrew Stephens

Side Business on weekends and after work. Small scale custom milling, drying, and surfacing.

Blakely Island Timber Co.

The Blakely Island Timber Co. manages about 2,200 acres of forest for the manufacture and sale of value added FSC certified forest products. All products…

Fir Tree Enterprises: Christopher O’Bryant

Rough-cut lumber and slabbing (live edge). Custom milling and custom furniture.

Jay Ibold

Custom milling, lumber sales, and construction (see website).

Kaj Enderlein

Mobile Wood-Mizer bandsaw. Custom sawing services, decking siding, trim woods, tongue and groove, flooring, fencing, structural timbers, beams, and framing lumber. Live edge bar and…

Red Alder Ranch: Mark Whitaker

Portable milling services and sales of small pieces of specialty wood.