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Forestry Services: Brush/slash disposal

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Roots Forestry Consulting

Roots Forestry Consulting provides a comprehensive range of services for forestry projects large and small. Using top of the line equipment and technology, our foresters…

Swedberg Contracting Corp.

Started business in 2008, have worked for city, county state and federal governments. Registered in SAM. Have a tracked 15″ chipper.


DRPforestry offers forestry and silvicultural expertise to timberland owners, consulting foresters, appraisers, and other clients working with and assisting the forest resource industry. Dennis Parent,…

Yew Forestry Services, LLC

Execute Forest Service Sivilculture contract for timber sales. Bid on/ execute DNR Silviculture contracts

Woodridge Forestry LLC

Consulting forester focusing on customer service and professionalism for the past 15 years.

Williamson Consulting

Williamson Consulting has been in the Colville area since 1981. We are a unique multi-disciplined land management firm. We provide professional services to small and…

Timberline Silvics Inc

We work statewide with 40+ years of experience in all forms of forestry work. OSHA and SAM registered for all government (federal, state, county, and…

Summitt Forests, Inc

Summitt Forests, Inc has been operating as a forestry company throughout the western US for over 30 years. Our projects involve forest health improvements such…

Resource Renewal, Inc

Reforestation – provide & plant trees; timber stand improvement – pre-commercial thin; site prep – mowing, spraying, pruning; seedling release – brush control; weed control…

Rain Shadow Consulting

Rain Shadow provides all manner of forestry consulting and light forest management contracting.
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